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Miraculous Healing


"On February 27, 2012 I was told by two separate doctors that I had Multiple Myeloma, a blood disease cancer and would need a stem cell transplant to survive. The news was devastating! This is a dream, please GOD wake me up! I have to take care of my husband and grand-daughter, I don’t want to die, please GOD help me now! Family and friends prayed and gave encouragement, yet I started to doubt the word from God I had heard so clearly when a Pastor had prayed for me. I heard God say I Got You!  As months and months went by, my faith began to wane.

After reality set in, I decided to pray more each day and soon I had an assurance that my God would heal me! God used my niece to invite me to a Sunday night service to have Prophetess Shelia Martin-Askew to pray for me.  While praying for me, she took off her personal prayer cloth and pinned it to a piece of my garment to use as a blessing to me for encouragement and prayer instructions that God had given her to tell me.  She confirmed God’s word that the stem cell transplant was just a process of my healing and that I WAS HEALED.  As God used her, I could feel that HE did as He promised me He would, HEAL ME!! PRAISE THE LORD.  Two weeks later, my doctor said “No more stem cell transplant and you are 98.9% healed!"

Audrey T.





"Prophetess Sheila Martin-Askew has been so inspirational in my life.  She is an excellent spiritual life coach.  Her counsel and spiritual insight has helped me for years stay on the path that God has called me to and provided deep healing as well as growth in development as a leader and a woman after God's own heart."

Rev. Dr.Verlean



New Life


"Before I rededicated my life to the Lord, I was cynical and wary of false prophets and so called faith healers. However, through a personal invitation by two friends I reluctantly decided to attend with them, the first night of our campus youth rally at Elizabeth City State University, with the intention to just “hang out”.  I don’t remember the message that night I only remember being drawn to the altar. The place was filled with many others friends and being a shy person, I NEVER get up in front of people without going through episodes of extreme anxiety attacks. But I was drawn by the Father that day and rededicated my life to the Lord like the return of the prodigal son. Many healings, deliverances and signs and wonders happened that night and the next service I was filled with the Holy Ghost. It’s been over 23 years now, but my view of the church, ministers and ministries was forever changed that week after witnessing Prophetess Sheila Martin Askew’s ministry. And she has continued to be a spiritual mother/mentor to me up till today."

David H.



Chains Broken


"I thank God for the ministry of Prophetess Sheila Martin Askew. Through the anointing that is upon her life I was healed of emotional wounds and received deliverance of bondages that had troubled my life for years. I was filled with the Holy Ghost and began speaking in tongues as her hands laid upon my head. I felt as light as a feather. The teaching of the Word of God through her Boot Camps was made so simple that I absorbed it like a sponge and grew pass so many boundaries I had in my thinking about my ability to really live for God. I am forever grateful to God for her ministry and guidance."

Curtis W.





"My husband and I were unable to have children for over fifteen years. We attended a healing and miracle service held in Camargo, Illinois where Prophetess Sheila was ministering. After receiving a word of knowledge from the Lord that there was a couple present that had been praying for a child for over 15 years, my husband and I were shocked and seemed to be frozen in our seats in the back of the church. She waited for a moment and then repeated what God had told her. We were shaking when we went forward for prayer, not knowing what to expect. She spoke over our lives and laid hands on us. Shortly thereafter I became pregnant. And nine months later we gave birth to our twins, Joshua and Jessica! To God be all the Glory! We are so happy that we attended that service that night. Bless you Prophetess Sheila."

Steve and Rachel W.



Answered Prayer


"My daughter was engaged to be married to a young man well respected in our community and church. On the outside I was happy for her, but inside I felt very concerned about this engagement and the marriage only a few weeks away.   A friend who was my prayer partner concerning this told me of a Prophetess that was coming to their church the following Sunday. She suggested I come and see if God would settle the matter within my heart. I witness god move mightily that night and I decided to bring my daughter the next night. Before she even opened her bible to preach, she called my daughter and I up for prayer. She confirmed my burden and told her that this young man was not God’s best choice for her and that if she would only trust him and be brave in waiting, she would be happier than she’d ever imagined. She did trust God and broke off the engagement and one year to the date of the prophetic word, she met the man of her dreams who is now her husband. It’s been 9 years and next year they are renewing their wedding vows. Praise God for His guidance through His true Prophets and Prophetess."

Evangelist Shirley F.



Divine Encounter


"My introduction to Prophetess Sheila was in church but not in the sanctuary. It was the summer of 2007 and I was among other ladies visiting at her church in Greensboro, NC. I was in the ladies restroom crying my eyes out because my teenage daughter had just diagnosed with leukemia. She walked in and saw me. She said hello and asked me was I alright. I said yes. She said No you’re not what’s the matter? That day I poured out my heart to her and she agreed to come that week to the hospital to pray for my daughter. Prophetess Sheila came and  shared her story about her divine healing to us; prayed and rebuked the cancer. That night my daughter said she saw an angel and was told she was healed. Ten months later we were told by doctors that all the cancer was gone! She regained color in her skin, strength and her hair grew longer than before. Today she’s a sophomore in college and is full of life."

Elizabeth Z.





"Prophetess Sheila Martin Askew has been the light in a long dark tunnel for my life. It was through her love and ministry that I was delivered from self-hatred and shame. I was a cutter and would cut myself secretly for many years.  She helped me to open up and reveal my secret during one of her Rekindle the Fire conferences. After prayer, I received deliverance and was totally healed that weekend. It has been 2 years and I am stronger than ever and I am now a vibrate member of a loving church. Praise God!"

Stephanie S.



I Believe in Miracles now


"During a series of Miracle services that was being held at my church in Arizona, I saw many miracles of healing through the anointed ministry of Prophetess Martin-Askew.  Yet, my heart was hard towards the move of God.


My wife always complained that I was gaining too much weight. At first I just shrugged it off, but soon after I started experiencing stomach pains and couldn’t keep foods down and that which I was able to keep down, caused bad heartburn.  During one of the last nights of this move of God, Prophetess Sheila came to me and said that God was revealing to her that if I didn’t receive the healing He had for me that night, I was headed for an early funeral. I was shocked at those words! Actually I did not believe them. She asked if she could pray for me, my wife answered ‘Yes.  She said that God was going to intervene with healing and reveal to me the whole picture.


A few weeks later, I passed out at work and was rushed to the hospital where I was told that my entire body was slowly being poison by internal toxins, my gall bladder was about to burst, and my kidneys were not working properly. Within hours my body swelled up three times my body size. I remembered what Prophetess Askew said that God would reveal the whole picture. He did.  That night I repented of my unbelief and my wife led me to receive Christ as my Savior. I was now in His hands. Twelve days later I was totally healed of everything!! I thank God for His mercy and love towards me that night in service in speaking to me truthfully through his servant and my healing as a result of it."

Deacon James C.



Empty and Unloved


"All I can say it's that I had been empty and feeling unloved. As Prophetess Sheila ministered and spoke of God’s love, those words brought me to a place of healing. I opened myself up to God's calling and he washed over me his sweet, tender and forgiving LOVE. I wept before the Lord, and as I did, years of neglect, abuse, and doubt about who I was, just washed away. In came God's complete and life changing LOVE. I was finally in his presence and there was no other place I wanted to be. I hungered for every word from the Lord and desired to know him completely. I now know I am LOVED, because God pours it into me, and I am a conduit to love myself, and others around me. Thank you Jesus,  for Prophetess Sheila.  My Life will never be the same!"

Stacy M.



Wall Around Me


"I was invited to the conference in Texas, but I never intended to go.  I was closed off and had a wall up around me. I didn’t like showing my emotions to anyone, especially strangers. But GOD, had other plans. I was angry, hurt, bitter and hated people in my past. I was nervous, and scared because I knew God was fixing to do something. Can I say; all I did was cry from the very first moment I got there. Starting the first day every word spoken was penetrating my heart. The message God had given her for us felt as though God was talking only to me; at least that is what I felt.


The next day I came back, (remember I was the one that wasn’t going to come). Well it started early Saturday, everything was flowing, especially my tears. This was not me, I never show emotions but I couldn't stop. Prophetess Sheila noticed that I was struggling and came over. We talked and as she did I realized what was missing in my life, it was Jesus. I prayed and accepted Jesus as my Savior. God's spirit poured into my life, I had a peace and burden had been lifted off of my shoulders. I used to be mad at my husband who was always talking about God. I was always expecting him to fill my heart, but he couldn't. The Void could only be filled by God. Wow, this is LOVE, I now understand how people are so crazy about God. It's His amazing LOVE that pushes everything else out, and leaves you completely and totally restored. I am changed, forgiven and LOVED.  That conference changed my life."

Audra W.




I Expected Nothing


"I came to the Women’s conference not as a member of the church but was just attending because I came as a guest. I didn’t expect anything, but I got it all. I kept hearing you are Loved, Love yourself, Love others. While, that was a nice message…. I’d heard it so many times before. When Prophetess Sheila came by and touched me with oil (a Point of contact) my heart suddenly just opened. A light came on inside and then I got it, I really got it! Love touches and demands to be shared. Love fills and spills out on others. Love heals and covers a multitude of wrongs. Love overwhelms anyone it touches. I am Loved, I know Love, I receive Love, therefore I can now give Love. Do you get it?"